Furniture Rental

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Archipelago offers Furniture Rental solutions in Dubai and throughout the UAE and Oman

We offer furniture rental solutions on both a long and short term basis, which is often a popular choice for those who have to endure a transitional period before their own furniture arrives. Renting furniture is also ideal for those who are not necessarily emigrating permanently, and would like to avoid the hassle and cost of buying new furniture or shipping from their home country.

This option saves families and individuals the inconvenience and expense of having to rent serviced apartments or stay in hotels whilst they wait for their shipments. This allows immediate occupation of newly bought, rented or company-provided accommodation allowing a fast and stress-free settling in process. 15pbox

As well as providing furniture for every room, we also provide thoughtful touches in the form of a comprehensive kitchen pack, linen pack, and also provide the white goods and electronics. Also included is a 'Pandora's box' of home accessories and decorative items to punctuate and personalise your newly furnished home - according to your taste, of course.

It only takes a day for our friendly and efficient team to swiftly furnish your residence in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah or anywhere else in the U.A.E or Oman. We will even make the beds, tune the TV, and put milk in the fridge! 

Hassle-free and cost-effective, furniture rental is growing in popularity in today's busy and globally orientated business environment.

All rental customers are also eligible for a 15% discount on all furniture and home accessories from our showroom in Dubai Investment Park throughout the rental period.